Day after day,

Year after year,

She goes to him.

Day after day,

Year after year,

He stays where he is.

Whoever he was before,

That is now gone,

Forgotten long ago.

How can he be anything but an oblivious dreamer

Enslaved by her passions?

Forever, a sign of her obsession become reality.

His body and face are as lovely as ever.

But they always were.

As for his mind,

I wonder what he thinks.

I wonder too if she ever knew his thoughts.

Did they ever matter to her?

Did she ever see beyond his looks

When she went to him?

Probably not.

What would the point have been?

It was not his words or deeds that drew her.

Why would she need to see beyond the surface?

I see them in their time together,

Even though they live separate lives.

Even though she will always change.

Even though he never will.

I see them together

And looking at them, I wonder

How much of what I see with them

Would be this way if it were not for me?

Did my darker places

Draw her to crave what she thought was beautiful?

Did she hate the only time that she was the brightest

Was when everything was dim and full of shadows?

I see them together

Her passion for him still enough to have her hold him close

And wonder if he dreams of her

Or if his dreams are full of other places and other people,

Overshadowed so that her desire is the only thing that shines bright.

Teacher, compulsive drafter of not always finished stories, and a generally shy and scared person who is easily bribed with chocolate.